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Sustainable lighting city plan
for Nuanu city, Bali, Indonesia
– Research for existing sustainable lighting certification all around the world, government requirements and city's needs;

– Audit for all zones in the city,
creating the sustainable lighting map;

– Developing the Sustainable lighting guidelines
the city and each of it's zones in particular,
regulations for indoor and outdoor lighting;

– Suppliers research, negotiations and tender, based on Sustainability requirements of the city;

– Supervision of creative lighting concepts, drawings and control system;

Sustainable supervision
for the feature movie
– Developing of the Sustainability plan, including estimate carbon footprint, program of reducing consumption, local team involving, scenario impact suggestions and Green PR program for the tenders and investments;

– Audit of all procurement, coordination and consulting for each department about sustainable products and alternatives;

– Organisation and supervision of catering on set: only reusable dishes, unpacked products from local brands and more;

– Ecological education and involvement program for the crew team during all filming process, creative memo sheet and posters for each week of shooting;

–Carbon footprint data collection about logistics, energy and fuel consumption;

– Sustainability report with carbon footprint measurement and offset plan.

Green steps program
for event-service 'KARATEKA'
Step ONE (July 2020)
– Audit of all purchases in the service chain, advice on environmentally sustainable products and alternatives;

Step TWO (August 2020)
– Recycling supervision for all Karateka-events as an integral position in the price list;

Step THREE (October 2020)
– Logistic optimisation for Karateka team and deliveries;

Step FOUR (December 2020)
– Eco-education through jokes and other involvements during Karateka games.

Sustainable development strategy for 'UGOL.UGOL' bar
– Audit of all supply chain;

– Waste audit;

– Energy and water audit;

– As part of the concept of Sustainable Development, the Sister Mary team has developed new work regulations such as:
* waste management plan;
* supply requirements for all purchases;
* event regulations for contractors;
* energy and water saving actions plan;
*ecological education and involvement program for the team, clients and guests.

– Development of a green agenda for social networks

– Research of public events and collaborations

Sustainable consulting
for memorial museum of the history of political repression
– Research of sustainable local suppliers, vendors and collaboration opportunities

– Procurement audit and organisation of the tender for installation, lighting and content contractors

– Ecological education and involvement program for museum team and visitors

Construction waste management
for Triumph gallery
– Waste Assessment and Planning

– Waste Segregation and Collection

– Reuse Materials & Recycling

Sustainable consulting
for shooting TITS ON FIRE
Project team

@tits_on_fire with SKY CAPTAIN COX
Eco Supervisor @sistermary.ru

Project achievements
– Organization of team logistics
– Sustainable MakeUp consultation
– Energy saving practices
– Waste management on set
– Sustainable catering
– Sustainable purchasing
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and create collaborative climate action, and circular and regenerative strategies.
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