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Audio materials
A1 Telecom Austria Group
Radio release, English

Filme sind wie Kleinstädte. Bei einer Produktion fallen viel Müll, CO2 oder Strom an, die verbraucht werden. Sister Mary in Moskau ist das erste Unternehmen, das nachhaltige Filmproduktionen zu einer Selbstverständlichkeit machen will. Dazu bietet das Team Beratungen und Services an, um den ökologischen Fussabdruck zu verringern. Dazu gehören Catering, lokal produzierte Bilderrahmen für Ausstellungen oder Assistent/innen, die bei Produktionen auf Mülltrennung oder Einkauf achten. Für einen Film in Jakutien werden etwa vor allem Kräfte vor Ort engagiert.
Gestaltung: Stefan Niederwieser
Sister Mary
Audio podcast, Russian

Hi all! While we were editing this episode, it managed to become one of our favorites this season. The fact is that it is dedicated to two of our passions - cinema and ecology. And we talk with the delightful Masha Chubarova, whose voice cannot but lift your spirits.
In this episode, you will find out what EcoInosuper does, what popular films were made according to the canons of sustainable cinema, and what is hidden behind Netflix's promises to achieve carbon neutrality.
Car project sistermary.ru. Read Masha on Yandex.Q and ask her questions about the eco-cinema industry!
Eco Sphere
Audio podcast, Russian

Our guest is Maria Kushnirenko (Chubarova), founder of the company "Sister Mary", which provides environmental support for filming projects. How many emissions does one film produce? What is more environmentally friendly: going to the movies or watching online at home? What are the advantages of sustainable film production and where to study to become an eco-supervisor?
Video materials
Webinar 'Meeting with Ecoprod, France'. Russain


The company, created in 2009, brings together the main representatives of the audiovisual field, including the National Center of Cinematography of France, the France Television group, the TF1 channel, with the goal of attracting and motivating companies in the industry to consciously manage environmentally and produce film projects. Ecoprod is the creator of a guide to sustainable filmmaking and a carbon calculator for film and TV creators in France.
Sister Mary - meeting coordinator
Eco Cup festival
Webinar 'Sustainable development of film production', Russian

What is sustainable filmmaking? What is the difference from the usual practice of organising filming? ⠀

At the meeting we will talk about how, more than ten years ago, unions of filmmakers began to appear in the world, who were interested in the issues of introducing environmental practices into their work. How did it all start, and why did this story not develop in Russia?

We'll discuss what these alliances have achieved in ten years and what practices are already an integral part of filming in Hollywood. Let's look at what we can start using now, what might happen in the near future, and what we're taking too long to get to and urgently need adaptive solutions
The founder of the company @sistermary.ru, which provides environmental support for filming projects in Moscow, Maria Chubarova will tell you:
✅ what goals do European film companies set for themselves in 2021,
✅ why it is important to calculate your carbon footprint,
✅ what needs to be taken into account when planning and implementing filming.
Moderator: Vasilisa Kamenskaya.
The meeting was held with the support of the Foundation. Heinrich Böll in Moscow.
All good
Live stream 'Eco filmmaking' in instagram, Russian

@sistermary.ru - the broadcast turned out to be relevant for almost any area of business, if you have any questions, write to your colleagues in direct message)
Zhanna Badalyan

Live stream 'Sustainable design and construction', Russian

How to choose building materials that cause the least harm to the planet? What are brands doing for green PR? And even how to properly sort waste - we discussed with Maria Chubarova, founder of the company Sister Mary @sistermary.ru
Text materials
Text column about Sustainable filmmaking, Russian

"Cinema" + "Ecology" on Q
Hi all! In April 2021, the Cinema and Ecology expert communities on Kew joined forces to talk about
how film production affects the environment,
What are some ways to minimize this impact?
how cinema can inspire respect for nature and its resources.
In this updated post I will add links to new longreads, posts and responses to the topic "Eco + Cinema" on Q. Bookmark this mini-encyclopedia, subscribe to our experts, follow updates and share links to your favorite materials with friends!
Self-presentation and short intro to Sustainable filmmaking, Russian

In our Ecocommunity section, Maria Kushnirenko (Chubarova), the founder of 'Sister Mary', the first company in Russia to provide environmental support for film and TV projects based on the principles of Sustainable Development, talks about herself.
Sister Mary
Short story about world sustainable filmmaking history


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