We have come together to help a growing number of companies that are looking to integrate environmental standards into their work and reduce the use of natural resources in the process of creating and operating their projects.
Sister Mary is a team of professionals
in the areas of environmentally friendly filming, exhibition and museum projects, art events and the entertainment industry.
We take the approach of European
and American colleagues who have been developing tools for reducing the environmental impact of project production for more than 20 years. We use new best practices and best practices implemented by production teams around the world.

Sister Mary – it's your big sister on the set.
She will always help, support and advice <3

Important announcement from Sister Mary!

We categorically do not support and consider [information removed after the adoption of the law "for public dissemination under the guise of reliable reports of deliberately false information containing data on the use of the Russian Armed Forces] unacceptable!

We are adherers of the ecological movement, committed to the principles of the Concept of Sustainable Development, deny ***** as a phenomenon. ***** nullifies each of the 17 sustainable development goals at once. ***** affects everyone and causes irreparable damage to the quality of life, health, ecology, and the economy.

We are literally physically hurt by all the horror of what is happening.

We did not expect that it would reach such a difficult point, but we urge you not to despair, just as we do not despair.
We call for a world where art, science and international cooperation go hand in hand as the main engines of dialogue of the international community. To a world without borders, free from hate. The struggle for resources and territory should not be the cause of deaths of people - there is space for trade, cultural and technological ties, friendship and love beyond nationalities and confessions.
We value history, but it must not alienate us from the future.

We call for peace! We call for the critical consciousness of everyone - learn to ask questions and check information. We dream that everyone feels responsibility for the current and future generations!

Do what's right, come what may...

How it works?
Calculating your
carbon footprint
To start your project on the right foot, let's calculate the first carbon footprint of its CO2 emissions.
Optimizing all the processes
Having calculated the three largest polluters, we will prepare a plan for optimizing the project's work processes, based on the possibilities of its budget
Ecological management
Full immersion in the project will allow our team to join the work imperceptibly at every stage and with maximum efficiency
Offsets compensation
When the project is complete, we carry out another calculation of the carbon footprint and prepare a plan for compensating resource consumption
Special offers
Мы поможем реализовать ваши желания или предложить свои экологичные варианты решения множества задач
Maria Kushnirenko
She has been working in the exhibition and museum business for more than 10 years. Implemented more than 70 projects in Russia and abroad.
Intern of the program for the preparation of an independent report of the Sustainable Development of the city of Moscow for the UN 2020

Anastasia Ivanova
Has been in the event management business for over 10 years
Experience in waste sorting - 3 years
Intern of the program for the preparation of an independent report of the Sustainable Development of the city of Moscow for the UN
Learning is light and ignorance is darkness!
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